The Danube Carnival is a unique arts gathering in which the peoples living along the River Danube present their traditional arts every June.

The first Danube Carnival was organised in 2000, as one of many festive events during the Millennium celebrations (commemoration of the turn of the millennium, as well as the 1000th anniversary of the Hungarian State).

Name of location:

Date of beginning:
2010. 06. 12.
Date of ending:
2010. 06. 20.


URBAN RABBITs The 21st class of the National center of circus arts’ graduation show in Budapest.

Directed by Arpad Schilling - Kretakor Company

“How can rabbits possibly tolerate the proximity of human beings passing by along fields,
when the hunting season’s not open?

Cnac entrusted Arpad Schilling with the direction of the 21st class’ show. Striping the stage to a state of complete bareness, the Hungarian director worked in close relationship with the 16 young artists, their art, their personalities, their presence, here and now.

Making these different stories and fragments meet, URBAN RABBITS draws a mosaic portrait of a community with its intriguing beings who do nothing like others… and question the way we live together.

Date of beginning:
2010. 06. 19., 20:00
More dates:
2010. 06. 20., 20:00
2010. 06. 22., 20:00
2010. 06. 23., 20:00
2010. 06. 24., 20:00
2010. 06. 26., 20:00
2010. 06. 27., 20:00


The Central European meeting of the Harley-Davidson motorbike riders is organised annually in the middle of June in Alsóörs. This unique, 3-day event is accompanied by concerts and dexterity competitions. The most spectacular part of the event is the procession of several thousand riders.

The characteristically low-built, elongated streamlined motorbike with its tilted handlebar is made for the purpose of comfortable touring rather than tearing along motorways. Since the film Easy Riders the bike has been widely known to others than fans. Designed by William J. Harley and Arthur Davidson, this legendary motorbike is regarded as the king of the road. Owners and fans number several hundred thousand worldwide.

Mutton Cooking Competition in Karcag

Mutton Goulash (birkagulyás) is a traditional dish of Greater Cumania (Nagykunság) and a tradition that has been celebrated with the Mutton Cooking Competition in Karcag annually on the last Saturday in June since 1999. This culinary programme is coupled with other entertaining events and a market.

Date of beginning: 2010. 06. 25.
Date of ending: 2010. 06. 27.

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