Hollowed out from the 20-metre high basaltic tuff wall into the eastern side of Óvár Hill, these cave dwellings are thought to have been built by Basilian monks settled in Tihany by King Andrew I.

It is said that the wife of the king who established the abbey, Anastasia, the great princess of Kiev and daughter of Jaroslav I the Wise, brought the Orthodox monks from Ukraine. From the group of cells only three remain as the others were filled in by a rockslide in 1952. These remaining dwellings are the only hermit colony left in Central Europe.

Can be visited at any time.


The clown is on the road. Our protagonist arrives with a large bag to the ring of the Capital Circus of Budapest and he changes to a clown's costume for the beginning of the show. He guides our audience through the performance dominated by joy, courage and love.

Clown David’s jokes make the dreadful presence of the lions, the dinamic gallop of the Cossack riding troupe and the breath-taking productions of the artists still more unforgettable experiance. Our show „The clown is on the road” promises a complete rest both for children and adults.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in the Capital Circus!

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