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Budapest bridges: Chain Bridge

The Chain Bridge is Budapest's premier bridge both in terms of its age and its fame. It was only the second permanent bridge to be constructed over the entire length of the Danube. At the instigation of István Széchenyi, it was built by Adam Clark between 1839-1849, based on the plans of W. T. Clark.

chainbridge 109
(photo: Zsolt)

Its cast iron decorations and a structure that radiates calm dignity and harmony raise it to the ranks of the most beautiful examples of industrial heritage in Europe. The four lion statues at the two bridge-heads are the work of János Marschalkó; they date from 1852.

The Chain Bridge was a world sensation in its day and had only one match in London. Not surprising given the design is also English.

chainbridge 1481
(photo: Zsolt)

The Bridge was enormously important from both an economic and a national administrative perspective: there had been no permanent bridge in the Hungarian stretch of the Danube until the late 1800's. Its construction was instigated by Count István Széchenyi in 1839. The foundation stone of the Chain Bridge was laid on the Danube riverbed in August 1842, and the bridge was inaugurated seven years later in 1849.

Fog in Budapest
(photo: Zsolt)
These facts all serve to make the Chain Bridge a national symbol: a symbol of progress, of national awakening, of connecting the East and the West. It is not only respected, but also well loved in Budapest. The birthday celebration, slowly becoming a tradition, is a manifestation of this love. The event was first held in 1999 on the 150th anniversary of the Bridge's inauguration.
The Bridge starts from Ádám Clark Square in Buda - from the 0 kilometre stone and the tunnel entrance -, while on the Pest side it is in the neighbourhood of the imposing Gresham Palace.

(photo: Zsolt)